Microsoft Excel Consulting in Boston, MA

BostonExcel helps businesses streamline, automate and improve their spreadsheets. We believe in creating spreadsheets that are user-friendly, are aesthetically pleasing, and can do more than you ever imagined a spreadsheet could do. Imagine having spreadsheets that you can actually interpret and easily manipulate. We make it happen.


Once we fully understand the scope of your project, we will quote you a fixed price. Why a fixed price? Because this allows for no surprises in terms of cost and motivates us to work efficiently.

The BEC team has consistently provided us with excellent service. Their knowledge of Excel has helped us implement solutions that help our organization work more effectively and efficiently at an international level.

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Manager, Marketing Planning

BEC has met our needs and then some. Every spreadsheet we have asked them to rebuild has come back with an elegant and intuitive design, as well as greatly streamlined and enhanced functionality. I can’t quite believe how we managed before we found them!

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Performance Manager


excel programming

We create custom Excel programs for our clients using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We have created entire invoicing, inventory, budgeting, and bidding programs. Our programs limit user errors and ensure uniformity in data entry.

financial modeling

Financial modeling was Nate’s first love. Nate received a MS in Finance & Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has an extensive background modeling cash flows, creating budgets, and forecasting.

excel automation

If you are continuously performing any repetitive task in Excel, you need our help. We can automate almost any task you’d like to perform. This automation will save your company hours of wasted time.


We make spreadsheets user friendly, dynamic, and aesthetically appealing. We accomplish this by using pivot tables, dynamic graphs, drop down menus, and other useful functions.


Our dashboards allow companies to quickly see key metrics on one page. Our dashboards also give you the ability to change key assumptions and instantly see the effect on your results.