Goal Seek: Finding the Perfect Number

Have you ever wondered, "I wonder what X needs to be in order for Y to be 50%?" Good news! Excel thought of that as well! If you know what a certain results needs to be (i.e. profit margin needs to be 35%) but don't know what input value (i.e. Sales) will get you there, then use Goal Seek to find it for you. It sure beats trying to guessing 100 iterations in order get there yourself. Here is how it works. read more

From Vertical to Horizontal: Transposing your Lists

I remember in college receiving a set of data going down a column. However, I wanted to present it going across the row. How could I ever do this?! I will tell you how. I started from top and one by one copied and pasted each cell. If you are doing this then STOP THE MADNESS!!! Here is how you can quickly transpose data. read more

Extreme Filters & Sorting

Most people know how to use the basic Excel filter. However, do you know how to "extreme filter and sort"? Let's take your knowledge one step further and show you some neat functions of filters you probably did not know about. read more

Why Your VLOOKUP Is Not Working

The two most common frustrations with the VLOOKUP formula is either the lookup spits out the wrong value or you get the dreaded #VALUE. Even seasoned Excel experts can get stumped by this. However, 9.5 times out of 10 the reason your VLOOKUP formula is not working is due to one simple word: FALSE. Let me explain. read more

Group, Don’t Hide, Your Data

Most Excel users know (for better or worse) how to hide rows and columns. However, many times this is a brutish way to hide or organize your data, especially if you want to see that data again. This is where the power of grouping comes in. read more

Number Formatting Pt. 2: Customizing Your Numbers

Now that your boss is thoroughly impressed with your number formatting skills, let's blow her mind with some more! In this post we will teach you how to customize numbers and dates. With that knowledge, you will be able to customize all of your other values. Let's...

read more