vtoh1I remember in college receiving a set of data going down a column. However, I wanted to present it going across the row. How could I ever do this?! I will tell you how. I started from top and one by one copied and pasted each cell. If you are doing this then STOP THE MADNESS!!! Here is how you can quickly transpose data.

First, select the cells you want to transpose and copy it. Now select the cell where you want to transpose the data. On the Home tab, you will see a Paste button. Click on the down arrow to see more paste options. At the bottom of the the drowdown, you will see a Paste Special. Click on that.


A form like the one below will show up. Check the Transpose box, click OK, and BAM! You just transposed your first data set.



As always, join us in the following weeks as we take you on another fun-filled Excel adventure!