Analyzing Your Data Like a Pro: Data Analysis Pt.1

analyze1Let’s say you have 3,000 rows of data, for instance, historical stock prices. You want to quickly see the following information: average, standard deviation, confidence level, minimum, and maximum

You could create a separate area on your spreadsheet and manually input all of this information…OR you could have Excel automatically do it for you!

In this 2 part tutorial, we’ll teach you how to get going on this tool. The first part will teach you how to put the Analysis ToolPak on Excel. The second part will teach you how to use it.

1) Go to File on the Ribbon and click on Options at the bottom of the left hand column.

2) A menu will pop up. One the left hand column, select Add-Ins

analyze 2

3) At the bottom-center of the page, select Excel Add-ins from the drop down menu and click Go


4) Once the next menu appears, click the Analysis ToolPak option and click OK

analyze 4

Your new favorite statistics toy is now conveniently located on your Data tab on the far right side!

analyze 5

Now that you have the tool loaded, tune in next week where we will teach you some of the cool items you can do with the Analysis ToolPak!