Modern Excel training for today's professional.

BostonExcel specializes in providing hands-on Microsoft Excel training to companies in the Boston area. Our innovative onsite training is the most engaging, interactive, and fun Excel training out there! Our specialized courses give your team the tools necessary to "Excel" at their job.

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Excel Ninja Skills

The answer to your Excel training needs

It is our mission to make your team Excel experts.


Relevant & Customizable Training

After dozens of iterations and fine-tuning, our courses have been designed to be 100% relevant and applicable to your company. We leave out all the fluff!

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Fun, Interactive, and Engaging

Our courses are developed using modern gaming and assessment techniques. This means our courses are extremely engaging, fun, and interactive.

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Extremely Effective

After the training, we provide you a custom return on investment (ROI) report so you can see exactly how much your team’s Excel skills have improved. You can expect at least a 600% ROI.

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Training your team in Excel
is easier than ever.

We have everything your company needs to train your people in Excel. We even come to you! You just sit back and relax and we'll take care of the rest.

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"This course was interactive and just the right pace, and the instructor made the material fun and engaging. I liked that I could continuously practice at each stage.”

- Sarah H.

“Unlike other online courses I've taken, I felt I actually learned the material. The course was very engaging and interactive. The instructor gave great explanations with detailed step-by-step instructions.”

- Ryan P.

"Great course!!! It was a fresh new way to learn this tool. THe course was very enjoyable, easy to follow and informative. Thank you!”

- Matt C.

“This course was the fartherst thing from dull! The course kept me engaged for the entire time and was very relevant to my industry. Job well done!”

- Brittany M.

It's time to fully train your employees in Excel.

Check out our courses and find the perfect one for your team!

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